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This seventeenth century building is a treasure house of local history, housing an eclectic collection illustrating life in Tewkesbury from prehistory to the twentieth Century. There are unique galleries about travelling fairs, the Battle of Tewkesbury and local polar explorer Raymond Priestley alongside the story of the town and its people.

Museum Talk
Museum Talk

For children, this is a wonderful place full of exciting treasures to discover and explore with their family and friends. We have a mouse trail for young explorers and Museum Detective pack to test the observation of older children, as well as our old games and dressing up boxes. There’s plenty for children to do.

Our aim is to be the memory of this ‘Proud and Ancient Borough’ and its hinterland. To do this we work with others to record and preserve history. We have a role in interpreting and displaying it. We are an accredited Museum, which means that we maintain professional standards in the management of the objects in our care.

The Museum is run by a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, which allows for nine trustees, who are supported by a loyal band of volunteers. We aim to open every day, which is only possible because of our volunteers.

Our income comes from visitor donations and other fund-raising activities. Volunteers and donations are very precious to us!

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