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Museum closure news

Museum Closure – Latest News

Update Published 22/01/23

Good news – the building work is proceeding to plan and is being carried out to very high standards!

Work on the roof should be complete by the end of January and the scaffolding will be removed in the first half of February.  All works in the original plan should be completed by the end of March, and then a major additional piece of work will be carried out in April/May – see below.  We expect to regain possession of the building at some point in April, and will then be able to give visitors guided tours of most of the building.

The major additional piece of work is the removal of the rear staircase.  This will give us a bigger room at the rear of the ground floor which we can use for temporary displays and meetings, and an enlarged store on the first floor where, one day, we intend to move our office furniture and equipment.

Crucially, when we manage to get a (very large) grant for other aspects of our improvements, the disruption and length of time we will have to close will be greatly reduced.

Planned work

Work done so far:

  • Exterior
  • 50% of the roof slopes retiled
  • West chimney stack reconstructed
  • South elevation wall and chimney stack repointed apart from verges
  • Gutter leadwork replaced
  • Interior:
    • Cellar door repaired, new door fitted to the second floor store
    • Attic works, including insulation

Work still to be done:

  • External:
    • Remaining retiling of roof slopes
    • New rainwater goods
  • Interior:
    • Window refurbishment and installation of heating system starting 22/1
    • Second floor ceilings being restored February to March
    • Extensive redecoration

Published 15/09/23
Tewkesbury Museum will be closed from Monday 18th September for extensive renovation work to our building. Externally, this will involve repairs to the roof, guttering, walls and chimneys. Internally, the second floor ceilings will be restored and improved heating will be installed.

This work is being funded by our landlord, Tewkesbury Town Council, with the help of a £367,000 grant from the Arts Council’s ‘Museum, Estates and Development Fund’.
We are very sad to be closing, particularly as we have enjoyed something of a boom since the depths of Covid, but the work is essential. As well as making the building watertight, it will allow us to move back into the second floor, which has been closed for the last two years. This will add over 50% to our current gallery space, allowing us to update permanent displays and to create temporary exhibitions.

Before the repairs can be carried out, we have a lot of work to do ourselves, including packing the 7,000 items in our collection, ready for removal during the week commencing 16 October.

The refurbishment will then get under way. The first and very visible sign of this will be the building being wrapped in scaffolding.

We hope to re-open in late Spring 2024. Some of our activities, however, will continue even though our building is closed: our outreach programmes, including Alley Strolls and Museum Talks, will continue, and we are close to finding a temporary location where we can carry on with other museum activities.

We will post updates on our website and Facebook page as well as on the noticeboard outside the museum.


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