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Father Christmas with his merry helpers at Tewkesbury Museum 2016

Father Christmas visits Tewkesbury Museum, 2016

The museum’s beautifully panelled Victorian parlour really came into its own last week, as beautifully decorated, with holly, Ivy, tinsel, fairy lights and a selection of vintage toys, it became a perfect grotto for Father Christmas, when he made his annual pilgrimages to Tewkesbury on December 10th and again on 17th, establishing himself in the Museum.

The visits were a huge success with children and parents, The museum’s band of helpers and supporters did a magnificent job in making everyone feel welcome whilst keeping visits to time.

He brought a great deal of excitement and Christmas spirit to the place, and raised a goodly sum for the museum. Our coffee bar provided sustenance for waiting families, and more thanks are due, to all the lovely ladies who donated delicious cakes for us.
His two elvish helpers were a new addition this year. They were a great hit with the everyone and made sure that each visitor had their fair share of Santa’s time.

Many of the visitors had their photo taken with him, a souvenir of another great Tewkesbury Museum day. He was delighted to tell us that not one of his young visitors were on the naughty list this year, and can all look forward to a visit from him on Christmas Eve – as long of course as they are in bed and fast asleep when he calls. Everyone seemed to be pleased with the gifts which he gave them.

A new system of pre booked 10 minute slots worked very well, and saved the long queues and Christmas chaos that have characterised earlier visits.

Thank you to Michelle Paignton and the twin elves; to Phil South, Ian Bartlett, Roger Hendry, Mavis Wallis, Peggy Clatworthy, Graeme Kilgour, Angie and Geoff Pope and Maggie for all the time and effort they put into making the events such a success.

If you did not get to see him this year, we’re hoping that Father Christmas will drop in again next year.


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